Moments of Beauty

The Web of Fear!

5 Responses to “The Web of Fear!”

  1. Linda and jan

    Linda REALLY likes your spider photos-think she wants a couple as pets!! Duffy could probably do with a couple as well!

    • shartrina

      I just knew Linda would LOVE these photos! Maybe we can find some for her to bring home tomorrow morning 🙂

  2. Candy Stock

    Shartrina, I totally get this! There is this web in our back yard that I inevitably walk through while I am walking our dog. And yet, there is this beautiful web near our garage door that I cannot bear to sweep away for fear some spider has worked so hard to make it.

  3. Jessica

    Interesting, there are several spider webs in the lanai @ 250 and I check the progress every AM… no matter how hard the wind blows or how hard it rains, those webs endure…Like Candy, I can’t sweep them away.
    Hey, maybe just maybe ….it’s Stephanie hard at work, trying to raise those babies and rebuild a home,


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