Moments of Beauty

Dragonflies and Bobcat happenings


I took the picture male dragonfly the other day, and the female dragonfly this morning.  Question is…can you tell which one is which?
Dragonflies are amazing!   The United States has over 500 varieties.  There are so many interesting facts about dragonflies,  like the massive bulbous eyes that wrap around its head like an astronaut’s helmet, giving it a 360 degree view of the world.  They are a top predator in the insect world, one to be feared and reckoned with if you are another insect.  They catch their prey in mid-air, attack, and begin to eat all while flying.  They eat non-stop.  Which makes these photos so amazing.  These dragonflies are simply relaxing, or so it seems.  Relaxing just long enough to get their pictures taken!
                 While taking these photos of the dragonflies on the trail this morning, the bobcat was literally walking in our driveway, meandering around looking at the shrubbery. In this photo the bobcat is looking at a squirrel in the tree.  The bobcat even climbed the tree after the squirrel, how awesome!  I suppose not for the squirrel.  My neighbors, the Laynes, got some amazing photos of the bobcat.  Yes, I am envious, but so happy for Gabe. Great Job, Gabe!    It was a day of “missed” photos for me.  However, there’s always tomorrow! 🙂  
Bobcat-1 (copy)

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