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Genuine Beauty

Ahh…I feel like I can breathe again.  The trails have finally dried enough to go hiking again.   It’s my opinion, that the natural beauty of life can be found hiking in the woods.  It is unparalleled to any walk, in any neighborhood. The sight of plants growing freely, dancing in the wind, spinning, and turning in every direction made me fall in love all over again with morning hikes in the woods.    IMG_5568

A Most Unusual Choral Production at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm

I feel so privileged to have been in attendance at this unbelievable musical.  When an alligator makes a vocalization it is called a “bellow”.  The associated movements from one “bellow” to the next is called a “bellowing cycle”.  A number of bellowing cycles produced in a series is called a “bout” and combined “bouts” of individuals is called a “chorus”.  The bellowing of one animal stimulates others in the population to bellow.  When bellowing begins the chorus spreads rapidly.  The bridge I was standing on vibrated from the choir’s performance.  It filled my entire body.   It was beautiful, eerie, scary, and absolutely magical all at the same time.  Without further adieu I present you the choir:


This is the conductor…he started the the first bellow…







This one scared me…he also needs to see the dentist.  It felt like he was thinking of leaping straight up and chomping my camera into bits…and if he got me, that would be ok too 🙂IMG_5046


Beautiful Jacksonville

I am in Jacksonville for work.  I almost went back to my room and stayed in for the night.  But I pushed myself to venture out.  So glad I did.  It’s so easy to do the comfortable thing in life…but the most rewarding is always when I push myself to do what’s uncomfortable…so glad I did.
IMG_4888IMG_4850IMG_4814IMG_4883You never know when a donkey and squirrel will dine next to you!!!IMG_4738IMG_4838