Moments of Beauty

Spirits of St. Augustine


St Francis Inn

cat on table



4 Responses to “Spirits of St. Augustine”

  1. ghostbusterbev

    I visited St. Augustine several years ago and really enjoyed staying in an old refurbished hotel downtown. Lots of history to enjoy along with street performers at the market. Didn’t see any ghosts but I’ll look for them on my next visit! Great photos!

  2. donna

    Thank you for such a great story of St. Augustine, would love to see it now. And , for your childhood story, so sad, but yet sweet and special what you and your sister did for your dear pet. Your writing is so wonderful, I can’t wait till your book is published. I will buy the first edition. xox

  3. donna

    Also, your beautiful pictures and stories are a kick start to my morning. thanks


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