Moments of Beauty

Death is not extinguishing the light; it is putting out the lamp because dawn has come.

sunrise over meadow Janie Sue Robinson you will be missed.  So many things I can hear you saying that make me smile and make me cry.  You never wanted to talk about what growing up was like for you, as a young black girl over 70 some years ago, in fact, I don’t think you even know how old you really were…that made me sad, but it made you strong.  Your love for my boys was unconditional and you always wanted to make sure they had something to eat, not that that was ever a problem, you just didn’t want them to experience hunger like you did.  I love you for that, and a million more reasons.  I love you for telling the same story over and over and making it funnier each time.  I love you for arguing with me that “coon” and “raccoon” isn’t the same animal, and for calling Uncle Jessie to settle the dispute.  I can’t think about that story without laughter filling my heart and tears filling my eyes.  You taught me to love “greens”, in fact they’re growing in my garden right now. You taught me to love and give, even when it’s difficult.  You told me to write my father, send him cards, and always love him, even though he disowned me for marrying your son.  I did, and am thankful I did.  I love you Janie…and will miss you.  I am so sad for your son, and grandsons…my friend, and my boys.  Watch over them..and me, we still need you.  You never got to meet my husband, Matt, but I know you prayed for him.  Thank you, our angel in heaven.                                           May 14, 1935 – April 24, 2014

Services will be at the New St, Paul Church of God in Christ.  Located at 1717 E Cavanaugh Rd. Lansing, MI. Viewing Service is Friday May 2nd 6p-8p.  Funeral Service is Saturday May 3rd at 11:00am

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