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The Cardinal: A Symbol of Life, Hope, and Eternity

The cardinal can represent the living spirit’s vitality and the blood of Jesus Christ. When one sees a cardinal, one is reminded of life and hope that one will live on in eternity. The cardinal reminds people that there is hope.

I saw this cardinal on our lanai Wednesday morning. Immediately I knew it was a “sign”, the cardinal has significant meaning for my family. Before my Grandmother died she told my mother, “when the cardinal comes to the window it will be my time to go home” My grandmother told a story of a cardinal coming to visit her as a girl. The cardinal sat on the widow ledge of her home and within days her mother died. Days before my grandmother died, a cardinal visited my mother’s window, and tapped on it three times. My mother knew.

So when I saw this beautiful bird on our lanai, I knew God was telling me the time was near, and he was preparing the way for my brother. Today I learned, my brother, Duane will be go home by Easter. Duane is a sweet and gentle soul. I will miss his sense of humor and weekend calls. All who knew him, will miss him terribly. I had my mom put the phone on speaker so that I could read favorite bible verses to him and tell him the story of the cardinal. Later my sister and mother told how they were visited yesterday by cardinals on their window ledges. God is Merciful…Praying for Peace for my family and his friends. He was a faithful servant of God, it is no wonder he’s calling him home.

IMG_8114 The cardinal can represent the living spirit’s vitality and the blood of Jesus Christ.   When one sees a cardinal, one is reminded of life and hope that one will live on in eternity. The cardinal reminds people that there is hope.


Preparing a Place for your loved one.


American Pipit…maybe

I believe this is an American Pipit…The American Pipit breeds primarily in Alaska and the high arctic regions of Canada. Smaller breeding populations occur in Greenland, Newfoundland, and at high elevations in the Rocky Mountains south to New Mexico and Arizona. American Pipits primarily winter along the Pacific, Atlantic, and Gulf coasts of the United States. In summer, the American Pipit breeds on arctic or alpine tundra.

The diet of the American Pipit consists primarily of seeds, but insects are also eaten when available. American Pipits may be best observed while foraging on the ground, where they may be seen walking or running in pursuit of insect prey. This species may also be seen in flight, where it may be identified by its long wings and undulating flight path.

This one seems to feel it’s finally reached it’s destination. It can finally rest..since this is the End of the Road..



Temperamental Red – Shouldered Hawk

Temperamental fellow…He had his eye on me the whole time, and then tiring of me he flew off.  That is until I found him again.  Look at his facial expression on the last picture.

Tonight I was researching more about them…and found this  “Red-shouldered Hawks are aggressive, sometimes locking talons with intruding hawks and also attacking crows, Great Horned Owls, and even humans.”  HMMM…temperamental is being nice.




An Osprey Voyeur

It is so much fun to watch Osprey go about their daily life, but don’t be fooled they are watching us too!

Ospreys are packrats who build their nests high, and jam the nets walls with everything from boat line to Easter tinsel to plastic bags.   Like the birds themselves, the nests are big and conspicuous, and at the nest the birds go about their behavior in a fairly obvious, even-paced manner, as if winking and making sure I got it all on camera.






Fine Dining in South Florida





IMG_2907 (copy)


IMG_2911 (copy)




Mockingbird verses 8 Ibises!

I love Mockingbirds…that have so much spunk in a little package. They are very territorial and very protective of “their tree”.   One time, I literally saw a Dr’s office entry rerouted while a news crew filmed people as they attempted to bypass the Mockingbird’s tree.  I have also seen a mockingbird chase and red-tailed hawk.  It remind’s me of the line ‘ah, what can a little thing like me do to a big thing like you… poo…Ha!, My money is on the little guy.  When I took this picture I didn’t know the Mockingbird was in it.  Pleasant surprise.  I started laughing…because I know that this little guy was counting and thinking –  1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8…yep I can take them on..pretty sure!