Moments of Beauty

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Taking Time to See

I have walked by this tree hundreds of times…this is the first time I saw its exquisite beauty.  Astounding…it made me think, how often do I pass by nature’s beautiful gifts?  This incredible Orchid tree is found on a lot that is not maintained, or kept.  Yet all this time, it has been there.  How often do I pass by people and don’t really see them?



Genuine Beauty

Ahh…I feel like I can breathe again.  The trails have finally dried enough to go hiking again.   It’s my opinion, that the natural beauty of life can be found hiking in the woods.  It is unparalleled to any walk, in any neighborhood. The sight of plants growing freely, dancing in the wind, spinning, and turning in every direction made me fall in love all over again with morning hikes in the woods.    IMG_5568