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The Price of a Sunrise on the Cape Haze Pioneer Trail.

Coral Creek

Coral Creek

This morning, Linda, my neighbor, and I walked along the Cape Haze Pioneer Trail with our dogs, Duffy and Winston.  Hoping to avoid an incident with Duffy chasing wild critters.  (I think Linda thought paved trail meant critter free)  Instead of Duffy chasing critters, we were being chased by horseflies.   The price of this picture was at least 15 horsefly bites (which I’m itching currently) and numerous other attempts of attack by these persistent and pesky insects. They swarmed like a plague, well at least around me.  Now that I come to think of it, Linda walked while I attempted escape from the onslaught of these blood thirsty varmints.   I swatted and ran, ran and swatted.   Quite the sight, I’m sure.  Everything worth while has a cost.  This little treasure I must say was worth the sacrifice.  But just in-case your curious, I’ll be walking somewhere else tomorrow.

PS.  After this picture was taken, we came a across a carcass of a large and rather wickedly pungent wild hog. (I’m sparing you that picture)  However, that begs the question, “What killed this wild hog?”  This trail is definitely not critter free.  Life is always full of surprises too!


Sunrise in the Wild

Sunrise in Charlotte County ParkSunrise in the Wild

Do you ever wonder what the coyotes wake up to, what the wild pigs see early in the morning! Wonder no longer.