Moments of Beauty

American Pipit…maybe

I believe this is an American Pipit…The American Pipit breeds primarily in Alaska and the high arctic regions of Canada. Smaller breeding populations occur in Greenland, Newfoundland, and at high elevations in the Rocky Mountains south to New Mexico and Arizona. American Pipits primarily winter along the Pacific, Atlantic, and Gulf coasts of the United States. In summer, the American Pipit breeds on arctic or alpine tundra.

The diet of the American Pipit consists primarily of seeds, but insects are also eaten when available. American Pipits may be best observed while foraging on the ground, where they may be seen walking or running in pursuit of insect prey. This species may also be seen in flight, where it may be identified by its long wings and undulating flight path.

This one seems to feel it’s finally reached it’s destination. It can finally rest..since this is the End of the Road..



Temperamental Red – Shouldered Hawk

Temperamental fellow…He had his eye on me the whole time, and then tiring of me he flew off.  That is until I found him again.  Look at his facial expression on the last picture.

Tonight I was researching more about them…and found this  “Red-shouldered Hawks are aggressive, sometimes locking talons with intruding hawks and also attacking crows, Great Horned Owls, and even humans.”  HMMM…temperamental is being nice.




An Osprey Voyeur

It is so much fun to watch Osprey go about their daily life, but don’t be fooled they are watching us too!

Ospreys are packrats who build their nests high, and jam the nets walls with everything from boat line to Easter tinsel to plastic bags.   Like the birds themselves, the nests are big and conspicuous, and at the nest the birds go about their behavior in a fairly obvious, even-paced manner, as if winking and making sure I got it all on camera.






The Talking Banyan

Winston, my dog, and I were out for a run.  He stopped to sniff something fabulous beside this Banyan tree.   I was intently watching him when I heard the Banyan talking…well, it was more like buzzing.  I glanced to my left and in a small little cave inside the banyan, a hive on the move had decided to take a rest.  I don’t think the bees will make this their home. I will have to check back later this week to confirm.

Unfortunately, most bees in Florida today are a hybrid of the European Honey bee and the African bee.   The Africanized bees tend to have certain behavioral traits that make them less desirable to be around and for bee keeping. Specifically, as compared with the European bee types, the Africanized bee:

  • Tends to swarm more frequently and go farther than other types of honey bees.
  • Is more likely to migrate as part of a seasonal response to lowered food supply.
  • Is more likely to “abscond”—the entire colony leaves the hive and relocates—in response to stress.
  • Has greater defensiveness when in a resting swarm, compared to other honey bee types.
  • Lives more often in ground cavities than the European types.
  • Guards the hive aggressively, with a larger alarm zone around the hive.
  • Has a higher proportion of “guard” bees within the hive.
  • Deploys in greater numbers for defense and pursues perceived threats over much longer distances from the hive.

Given those facts, and the fact that I am very allergic to one sting.  I left promptly.  But I wanted a picture, so I came back armed with my Epi pen, just in case.  I am glad I did.




IMG_4002 (copy)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

Morning in my heart begins at sunrise.  So technically I felt I awoke in the middle of the night, 4:30 am.  My husband has ALS, so early morning care takes about an hour.  And then there’s Winston, my dog, who hates the dark, doesn’t want to run, but doesn’t want me to leave him behind.  I literally have to sneak out of the house, usually a different door from the previous day.  I was finally able to sneak out at 5:30 am.  I had a 13 mile run planned.  I actually like running in the dark…because I love watching the night turn into dawn.  Every few minutes it gets a little lighter out.  Pink begins to paint the horizon, then splashes of red, hot pink, orange, and blue are splashed on the canvas.  Its as if a painter is creating a rare masterpiece layer by layer until voila..there it is.  I had just moments to capture it, for as quick as it is painted, it is even more quickly erased.  I don’t run with my canon, I wish I could. If anyone has perfected running with a camera, please let me know how.  These Good Morning shots were captured with my iPhone.  This was taken at Mile 9. This is my Good Morning Mile 9 Sunrise!  Good Morning Everyone!



Fine Dining in South Florida





IMG_2907 (copy)


IMG_2911 (copy)




Romance, Sunsets, and the Passage of Time

Tonight’s sunset….  Intensifying and changing moment by moment, more complicated, more breathtaking, and more intoxicating, all with passage of time.

Tonight’s sunset made me think of one of my favorite poets and poems…

Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s  “How Do I Love Thee” 

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…..
I love thee to the level of everyday’s
Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
…………….. I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life! — and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.

Savoring every sunset!

IMG_3771 IMG_3778 IMG_3783