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A Slice of Life…Driving by…

I was in Orlando, Florida today for work, driving down unknown roads observing life as I went along.   Of course I had my camera with me (just in case)…these pictures were literally taken through my car window.  The scene of life, it’s hardships and beauty stroke me.  I was half afraid they were going to see me taking their pictures, but they were busy with “life”

I could just imagine…the gentleman standing saying..”Yep, you’ve got a real problem there!”  His hands on his hips state the dilemma clearly…, yet, he’s not joining in on solving the problem.  “Moral support is all your getting from me!”


And then this couple meanders by …They were clearly a couple.  I could feel the hardship passing between them..they didn’t even bother to notice the men with car problems. He’s walking 20 steps ahead…with his recent purchase in hand, clearly anxious to partake of his beverage.  She too has a package in her hand, fast food.  She’s beautifully and colorfully dressed, with long dangly earrings.  I can just see her putting them on this morning, something so simple.  Yet, I’m sure those earrings brightened her day to put them on, along with her dress of many colors.

I wonder when they reach their destination…will their packages make them as happy as they anticipate?

A Slice of Life… driving by!