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Behind every obstacle…there is the promise of a new day!

I almost didn’t run this way, because of the number of homeless people.  I ran by many.  I watched one man brushing his hair, another man had found a box of pizza, one man was talking to himself,  and yet another curled up on the bench sleeping…and then I saw the sun begin to rise…the promise of a new day!  May we all feel the promise of a new day…and seek to help each other.

I didn’t see the note when I took the picture.  Now I wonder who left that note…and was it promise?  I love photography!

Jacksonville, Florida

iron fence_HDR

Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

Morning in my heart begins at sunrise.  So technically I felt I awoke in the middle of the night, 4:30 am.  My husband has ALS, so early morning care takes about an hour.  And then there’s Winston, my dog, who hates the dark, doesn’t want to run, but doesn’t want me to leave him behind.  I literally have to sneak out of the house, usually a different door from the previous day.  I was finally able to sneak out at 5:30 am.  I had a 13 mile run planned.  I actually like running in the dark…because I love watching the night turn into dawn.  Every few minutes it gets a little lighter out.  Pink begins to paint the horizon, then splashes of red, hot pink, orange, and blue are splashed on the canvas.  Its as if a painter is creating a rare masterpiece layer by layer until voila..there it is.  I had just moments to capture it, for as quick as it is painted, it is even more quickly erased.  I don’t run with my canon, I wish I could. If anyone has perfected running with a camera, please let me know how.  These Good Morning shots were captured with my iPhone.  This was taken at Mile 9. This is my Good Morning Mile 9 Sunrise!  Good Morning Everyone!