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Welcome to the Neighborhood…our Newest Family!

I was able to take these pictures around 6:45am. on Monday.  I have wanted to get pictures of the fox for the past three years.  I felt privileged to get photos of family except for the dad.   Winston and I see mom or dad fox almost every morning around 5:00 am.  Our house must be on their daily rounds.  Last night the father was particularly loud.  Screaming actually in our front yard.  Brooke, my husband’s caretaker, was apprehensive to walk to her car 🙂   I had no idea they could vocalize so well.  This morning I heard what I thought was Laura, my husband’s morning caretaker arriving for work, so I opened the door.  Only to realize, it was the fox screaming again.  Winston, my brave Vizsla, charged out the door and the race was on.  I later realized it was 4 am.   Well the fox is fast…and Winston is pampered.   I’m sure Winston is pure entertainment for the fox.  Last week Winston chased him, and came back walking tiredly.  I started laughing when I saw him because not only was he happily exhausted but the fox was following him.  Mr. Fox wanted to play chase one more time.

IMG_9834IMG_9891  IMG_9888 IMG_9887 IMG_9885 IMG_9879IMG_9890 IMG_9878 IMG_9876 IMG_9871 IMG_9870 IMG_9868_HDR IMG_9862 IMG_9838